The History of ECCO

December 19, 2013 history of ecco

ECCO is a Danish shoe manufacturer. The company was founded in 1963 in Bredebro, and now operates more than 3,000 shops worldwide, selling an extensive range of men's and women's shoes, and manufactures 12 million pairs of shoes each year.

The company is owned by Hanni Toosbuy Kasprzak, daughter of founder Karl Toosbuy.

It owns tanneries in the Netherlands, Portugal, Indonesia, and Thailand, and has engaged in a research program to reduce the environmental impact of the tanning process. ECCO's shoes are produced in factories, either under its own ownership or under license, in a number of countries including Slovakia, Japan, Cyprus, Thailand, Indonesia, Portugal and most recently China and India.

Many of the formal range of ECCO shoes now use fiberglass shanks instead of the more popular metal shank, making them airport friendly.

ECCO began making golf shoes in 1999 and unveiled a running shoe in 2004.